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Springbok captain Siya Kolisi’s car broken into

Siya Kolisi’s car broken into

Siya Kolisi’s wife, Rachel, has recounted how the Springbok rugby captain’s car was broken into. Rachel took to Instagram Stories this week to reveal that her husband’s car was broken into, but the alleged criminal was foiled by a car guard. The guard managed to catch the criminal but struggled to get hold of police.

“Siya’s car was broken into two hours ago. The car guard caught the guy. We called the cops and still waiting for them to arrive. Also, don’t ever bother calling 10111. They literally don’t answer the phone. She said security guards told her they were going to give the alleged criminal a warning and let him go.


Siya Kolisi’s car broken into

“The car guard said once the cops are here, they’re going to give the guy a warning and release him. And they wonder why crime stats are through the roof out here.”

Rachel ended up following the security car, with the alleged criminal in the back, to the police station. They arrested him and took statements from me and the car guard. Grateful something was done,” she recounted. Attempts to contact Rachel for additional comment about the incident were unsuccessful at the time of publishing this article.

Source: News365