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Rumour: President Mnangagwa’s family members capture government

Mnangagwa in Kwekwe

Rumour: President Mnangagwa’s family members capture the government. Former Daily News Editor Stanley Gama has alleged that President Emmerson Mnangagwa‘s family has captured government and they are convening a meeting at the Kwekwe farm where politicians and businesspersons troop in to make national decisions.

Posting on Twitter Gama said, “Mnangagwa what really happens in Kwekwe every weekend? I hear ministers and businessmen meet you at your farm in Kwekwe weekends? Are these meetings formal? Why do they have to meet you there instead of your offices? Are decisions being made in Kwekwe?”

Gama also alleged that Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube went to the farm recently after the President publicly contradicted him. “I’m reliably informed that the clueless Mthuli Ncube also rushed to your farm recently Mr President desperately bootlicking you after you publicly contradicted him. Is it true that you will be surrounded by friends and relatives in Kwekwe where big government decisions are made?”

Gama’s statements invited Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba to respond by saying, “I hear so many things happening at and off your home, including meetings connecting you to certain political interests. Do you really want me to similarly raise issues with you on strength of hearsay?”

“Cde Charamba I respect you very much. I’m a journo and I asked you a simple question. Let’s keep this professional. Both of us are not strolls. ED is President and I’m not. What ED does affects the whole nation. People are suffering Cde and they deserve answers from the President.” Gama told Charamba. Government is yet to formally respond to the allegations.

Source – Bulawayo24 News

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