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Zozibini Tunzi talks about racism, gender-based violence on Trevor Noah’s show

Zozibini Tunzi

South Africans were proud to see Zozibini Tunzi appear on Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show – Although the two of them had some laughs and discussed lighter things, Zozi also had a serious moment or two – The beauty pageant winner touched on issues like racism and violence against women. Zozibini Tunzi, Mzansi’s pride and joy, visited SA-born comedian and talk show host, Trevor Noah on his show in America, The Daily Show. The Miss SA and Miss Universe winner sat down with Trevor to discuss her journey after bagging the two crowns. South Africans were super excited about Zozi’s appearance on the show and couldn’t wait to watch.
According to TimesLIVE, Zozi knew that some people saw her as a ‘downgrade’ after she won Miss SA in August. The negative attention she got became even more intense when people all over the world started reacting to the news that she’d take part in Miss Universe. “International people started commenting and I think my most interesting one was when I came to New York, I think four months ago.

Trevor Noah

I came back to SA. “It was late in the evening and I took a photo of my apartment and I was like, ah, it’s such a beautiful night and a comment came in … saying ah, this photo is so black, it’s as black as you are, Miss ugly SA.” Instead of getting angry, Zozi decided to use the platform she was given to teach the world something about beauty and colour. “The further you are from being fair, the uglier you are.

And I just saw it as an educational moment. I remember putting up a post speaking about it. Speaking about colourism, speaking about racism. Zozi also spoke about gender-based violence in South Africa. She added that it is important for people to be part of the movements against violence. This will help fight the problem. Zozi shared two photos of her time with Trevor with her fans on social media.

Source: News365