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Wife of man who shot Zim businessman Bheki Ndlovu in SA speaks out

Bhekimpilo Ndlovu

Wife of man who shot Zim businessman Bheki Ndlovu in SA speaks out. They said Bheki Ndlovu (44) had many problems in his 25 years of marriage with Mrs Nomazwe Ndlovu that could have contributed to his death. In interviews yesterday, two family members said Mrs Ndlovu also cheated on him, recording herself in 66 videos while doing so with a man named as Jabulani Ncube aka Christopher Tshabalala.

The family of a South Africa-based Zimbabwean businessman who was shot dead in a suspected hit in the neighbouring country has accused his wife of involvement in the killing.

Ncube’s wife told Chronicle that if her husband killed the businessman, he must pay for the crime. Bheki, an umalayitsha was gunned down while fuelling his vehicle at a BP service station in Johannesburg on Saturday. The incident happened just a week after his wife allegedly sent him a threatening message that one of them would die.

“Just a week ago he received a message from his wife. She claimed that it was going to be either Bheki or her who would die. We have a threatening message. We haven’t been able to talk to our daughter-in-law since his death.”

“We don’t know what really transpired but we will share what we know. Two weeks ago, our daughter-in-law came to Zimbabwe counting and registering properties that Bheki had. She counted the shops, houses and livestock one by one something that she had never done during the subsistence of their marriage, we don’t know why,” said a Mr Ndlovu, Bheki’s uncle who declined to give his first name.

They said their in-laws have not even visited their home to pay condolences after Bheki was shot dead. “Our daughter-in-law’s mother just said she would only come when his body arrives which is very strange as we were not fighting with them,” said Mrs Ndlovu, Bheki’s aunt. They said Ndlovu caught his wife several times cheating on him but he would forgive her insisting that he still loved her.

“As it is, we have 66 s.e.x videos where she recorded herself cheating on him with this man called Jabu (Jabulani Ncube aka Christopher Tshabalala). We think this illicit relationship with Jabu was the most troublesome on their marriage. She did not just cheat with him, around 2017 she cheated on him with a pastor from a local church (name supplied) who committed suicide after their illicit affair was exposed. I think our son was a victim of loving a woman who didn’t love him. He loved his wife but she never loved him,” said Mr Ndlovu, the eldest of Bheki’s uncles and leader of the family.

He accused her of stealing R100 000 from Bheki.

“But again, he forgave her saying he wanted his family intact. While they have this North End suburb house, his wife clandestinely rented a flat in town. We don’t know why. This only came to light after some properties were attached here in the house as she was no longer paying rent. Again, he forgave her. He bought 25 cattle from his in-laws, that he never saw. We tried on several occasions to intervene in their problems but we failed. For between 19 to 25 years of their marriage they had serious marital problems,” said Mr Ndlovu.

“As it stands, we are afraid that the wife can come and claim all their property since she is the surviving spouse. We don’t want the properties as we have our own properties. But we are afraid that she could squander these things and their children will end up living in poverty yet their father worked so hard. He was our son, but in terms of responsibilities, he was our father as well. He looked after all of us.”

Meanwhile, Jabu’s wife who is based in the UK, said: “I had known for a long time but he was very careful and concealed his affair. I only got hold of the evidence when it was too late when Bheki had already been killed.

“I got hold of his phone when he was very drunk on the night of Bheki’s murder, and saw pictures of them together and WhatsApp messages that showed that they were having an affair for so long, and had a suspicious secret payment of $15 000 to be made in South Africa.

“I reported the matter to the police and forwarded messages to my relatives and Bheki’s relatives when I realised that something could be happening.

“My husband then wanted to harm me and I was put under police protection. He was called in for questioning by Brighton police here in the UK and I am now always under guard. He is my husband but if he has a hand in the death of an innocent man, then justice must prevail and he must face the music,” she said.

Source – The Chronicle

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