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Temba Mliswa Zanu-PF behind copper cables theft and maShurugwi murders


Zanu-PF behind copper cables theft and maShurugwi murders. Controversial Norton Independent MP Temba Mliswa has alleged that Zanu-PF members are behind the vandalism of Zesa transformers and theft of copper cables.

Mliswa also accused Zanu-PF members of funding the notorious maShurugwi gold planners behind the bloody gold wars across the country.

“Government and security agents have tried in vain to try and put teams to operate to ensure that this stops and nothing has actually transpired which is positive, it continues. Most of the people involved in this are Zanu-PF leaded as is the same way in the Land Commission Report,” said Mliswa.

“I am glad that the just-ended conference, the leadership of Zanu-PF, (Zanu-PF chairperson) Oppah Muchinguri was very clear that ‘we have got criminals amongst us’. So how do they expect to arrest the criminals amongst them when they are in the forefront of doing that.”

Mliswa said despite calls by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to stop the amashurugwi violence, it continued unabated.

“There are a group of people known as maShurugwis who are carrying around machetes with them, beating up people, invading mines… I see the government is quick at Statutory Instruments when it comes to the financial issues and not the death of people as well as the vandalism that is happening with transformers.

“It is the copper that criminals are taking from the transformers. What are you also doing to stop the ban on people buying copper in the country because we are not at all mining copper.”

Source – Bulawayo24 News

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