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#FBF with Julius Malema and his wife

Eff’s leader Julius Malema is a softie when it comes to his family. He loves his family very much and he often posts pictures of him and his family. They look so sweet together that you can even forget he is the man he can be in Eff’s uniform when they are in parliament. Julius Malema and his wife Mantwa is always looking Fabolous and stunning, No wonder Julius Malema is Smitten by her love always.

EFF leader Julius Malema is undoubtedly in love with his wife and is not afraid to tell the world how much she means to him. She completes me. She’s able to speak a lot of sense and persuade me to see certain things differently and get me to do things I haven’t done.


Julius can go from red t-shirt and beret wearing politician during the day to classic double breast suit for a wedding at night. It’s safe to say the Malema’s love celebrating love and even more so looking great as wedding guests. They have stolen the spotlight a couple of times they have attended weddings and we had to share our favorite fashion moments of theirs.

Source: News365


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