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Pregnant woman’s stomach explodes after hubby catches her cheating



Pregnant Woman

Pregnant woman’s stomach explodes after hubby catches her cheating. The incident is said to have taken place in Gokwe South. A family source who requested anonymity confirmed the story to Bmetro.

A Four -month pregnant married woman drank poison and her stomach exploded leading to her death after she was caught pants down with a fellow villager.

Reuben Mutemarinda (42) came home from a beer binge and found his wife Ruth Kaurosi (34) having s.e.x with Everisto Dzivarepasi. He tried to grab him, but he fled in boxer shorts and left his trousers and a shirt.” Fellow villager Trynos Mataruka said the deceased apologised before she killed herself.

“She apologised to her husband. But later on, she went to a nearby bush where she drank a cotton pesticide. She vomited and her stomach started to bulge. It burst while she was being ferried to Gokwe District Hospital where she died,” said Mataruka.

According to Mataruka her husband refused to collect the corpse, saying Ruth must be buried at Dzivarepasi’s place but Chief Chisina intervened in the matter. Chief Chisina confirmed the incident.

“I can confirm that a woman Ruth Kaurosi (34) from Mairosi Village drank poison and later died at a hospital. Her stomach burst. But what worried us as community leadership is that Reuben Mutemarinda (42) was refusing to collect the remains of his wife from the mortuary. He was saying she must be buried at Dzivarepasi’s place as he feels she disrespected him by sleeping with someone on their matrimonial bed,” he said.

Chief Chisina added: “I had to order Mutemarinda and his family to bury the deceased and I told them that any issue will be discussed after the burial.” Efforts to get a comment from Dzivarepasi were fruitless.

Source – iHarare

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Zanu PF politicises Winky D’s new song Canaan: Pictures. Winky D is one of those artists whose songs are interpreted by many be it politically, socially or religiously. A number of his songs have been interpreted from as early as Sando dzangu to Kasong keJecha and Dzemudanga just to name a few.

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