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Crazy Christmas traditions countries do including Zimbabwe



Christmas Traditions

Crazy Christmas traditions countries do including Zimbabwe. Case in point, they claim that in Zimbabwe it’s customary to tuck into jam and goat meat on Christmas. Perhaps, it happens in other places, but this was actually a revelation to all the people at iHarare as well as the people we talked about this tradition.

As people from across the world celebrate Christmas, some compiled a list of Christmas traditions from across the world. Unfortunately, the author does not seem to have conducted their research very well or else they are making huge assumptions.

Perhaps you may know different. Here are some of the traditions according to the publication,

NORWAY: For those of you who get stuck doing the housework, celebrating Christmas the Norwegian way might appeal to you. In this Scandinavian country, all brooms remain tightly locked away in cleaning cupboard just in case an evil spirit decided that’s what they want for Christmas.

ZIMBABWE: Zimbabwean Christmas cuisine is a tad different from British Turkey and stuffing, here, it’s customary to tuck into jam and goat meat.

VENEZUELA: The majority of the residents in this Catholic South American country go to Mass on Christmas Eve, but residents of Caracas (the capital city) travel to Mass in style, by choosing to roller skate there.

SOUTH AFRICA: if you’re a confessed foodie and love trying new things, South Africa’s traditions may be the ones for you. A South African delicacy eaten on Christmas day is a deep-fried caterpillar.


Source – iHarare

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