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Do you want s.e.x? Prophet Passion Java asks wife on a live video



Lily Java

Do you want s.e.x? Prophet Passion Java asks wife on a live video. The flamboyant and controversial Prophet Passion Java is back to his antics again. The prophet who seems to have a compulsive disorder to seek attention recently posted a video in which he is parading his wife, Lily.

In the video, the “Man of God” goes on to ask his wife for some s.e.x. Lily seems to take the best way out of the awkward question by jokingly saying yes before demurring saying that she is shy. Prophet Passion Java on the hand asks her to wait for him in the bedroom.

The Prophet is slowly building himself a reputation for being indiscreet about his personal affairs. He made headlines for the wrong reasons after he posted another video in which he shared too much information with his audience.

In the video, Java, who was with his wife and fellow prophets, Israel Matthews and Apostle Gamla in the Bahamas boasted about how he was planning “kurova stonyeni” later on in the day.

Lily Java

The phrase “stonyeni” was popularised by Zimdancehall chanter Jah Signal in his hit song “Sweetie”. However, not long after the song was released people started speculating about the meaning of “stonyeni” with the common opinion being that the word had vulgar connotations and referred to a female’s pr!vates.

Source – iHarare

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A horrific moment for Zimbabwean truck driver hijacked in SA – Video. The whole incident was captured on the onboard dash cam in the truck as the semi nu_de driver was tied up and told to lie down in the back of the truck. A video circulating on social media shows a Zimbabwean truck driver being hijacked in South Africa by three guys. It is alleged the truck driver had parked at a lay bye for the night on the notorious N3 route which links Durban and Johannesburg.


It is however of deep concern that the hijackers spoke in Ndebele and indications, though not confirmed would suggest they are also Zimbabweans. With the festive season upon us, many are looking for a quick buck. In the video, the hijackers seemed to struggle to move the truck and had to ask their victim to…continue reading.



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