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Fake $5 Bond notes flood the market

Fake $5 Bond notes flood the market. An unidentified man took to social media today narrating his ordeal after he was allegedly given fake $5 notes by Forex Dealers on Saturday night. For the rest of the weekend up till today, he was paying for everything with no hassles. However, things quickly went south when he boarded a commuter omnibus on his way home, only to be told by the conductor that his notes were counterfeit.

Upon closer inspection, he discovered that all the notes had the same serial numbers, a detail he had missed before. In Zimbabwe there is an unwritten rule that street justice always ensues should you be caught using fake money. The unidentified victim in fear of getting a beat down from the Kombi crew had a torrid time explaining the source of his notes.

Ndakachinja mari mutwn Sat night ndikapihwa ma$5 notes. And been using them since then. Now on my way home ndabhadhara kombi mushe mushe. Ndakunzi its fake. U know noise yahwindi paye

Kubudisa kudai kuona yese ine same serial number. With more and more Zimbabweans changing their hard-earned US dollars on the lucrative black market, criminal syndicates are seeing opportunities to fleece ordinary citizens of their hard-earned money. Recently a group of money changers lost over USD 1 Million to an Indian conman who was promising them higher rates. The money changers were given Fake Proof of payments as the money was sent electronically and never reflected. The case is currently in the courts but chances of recovering the money are slim.

Source – iHarare

In other news – Mnangagwa labels ZEC chair Chigumba a sellout

Mnangagwa labels ZEC chair Chigumba a sellout. Exiled former Zanu-PF strategist, Jonathan Moyo, revealed this in his book, Excelgate, which he claims exposes how the 2018 presidential elections were reportedly rigged in favour of Mnangagwa.

Priscilla ChigumbaGovernment has, however, rubbished Moyo’s claims in the book. President Emmerson Mnangagwa allegedly blew his top and lashed at Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) chairperson Priscillah Chigumba after she allegedly went to his office with a proposal for electoral reforms, a former Cabinet minister has claimed…continue reading.

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