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Jacob Mafume: Educated in Zimbabwe now helping other societies



Jacob Mafume

Jacob Mafume: Educated in Zimbabwe now helping other societies. Opposition MDC Secretary for Elections, advocate Jaacob Mafume has lamented over the brain-drain which saw Zimbabwean-educated doctors and veterinarians and many other professionals leaving the country for greener pastures.

Mafume speaks when there are reports suggesting that the United Kingdom is mulling plans to make it easy for health caregivers in developing countries who want to work in that country to have assistance to make the process sweeter. Posting on Twitter, Mafume said:

Issa catching up time, talking to classmates who became college mates. Educated in Zimbabwe as Doctors & Vets now working in the states helping other societies advance while we regress. Will we ever get these people back?

Human capital flight has been increasing as a result of dwindling employment opportunities in Zimbabwe which has also been caused by the deteriorating economic situation and the migration (offshoring) of companies to countries with environments conducive for business.

Meanwhile, President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration has been inviting Zimbabweans scattered all over the world to come back and invest in the country and or partner the government in its endeavours to revive the country saying only Zimbabweans are the solution to the country’s problems.

Source – Pindula News

In other news – Zanu PF politicises Winky D’s new song Canaan: Pictures

Zanu PF politicises Winky D’s new song Canaan: Pictures. Winky D is one of those artists whose songs are interpreted by many be it politically, socially or religiously. A number of his songs have been interpreted from as early as Sando dzangu to Kasong keJecha and Dzemudanga just to name a few.

Now his latest offering from his soon to be released album Njema, Canaan has been translated again and this time it has been politicised. The ruling party Zanu PF has spoken out on the Gaffers latest offering. Here is what it said…continue reading.




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