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Lootlove speaks on struggles of motherhood


Presenter Lootlove and her boyfriend Reason were blessed with twin girls this year. Today, the first-time mom shared that the experience has been challenging at times . She took to Instagram to encourage other moms to hang in there. Lootlove shares twin girls who are under a year old with rapper Reason. The stylish and poised mom-of-two always looks like she has it all together. Today, the beauty took to Instagram to let other mothers know that she sometimes also struggles. Lootlove posted a heartfelt message about what she has gone through raising the girls. Lootlove wrote that she is amazed at how far she has come looking after her bundles of joy.


She said, ” I’m thinking about how far I’ve come and how little credit I’ve given myself. How quickly I adjusted but also how much pressure I put on myself to “figure it out…” You learn a lot, you really do but I don’t think you really ever truly figure it out “I still don’t know what I’m doing and I’m pretty sure most moms feel like that for a very long time. Lootlove took the time to tell other moms they are great and encourage them to hang in there. Moms: You’re doing so damn great! Ask for help & don’t forget to take time to rest,” she concluded.

Source: News365

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