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Mai Mnangagwa leads in Zanu-Pf youths walkathon, tree planting event


Mai Mnangagwa leads in Zanu-Pf youths walkathon, tree planting event. Speaking during the send-off of the youths drawn from the country’s provinces, the First Lady said the event demonstrated consistency by the Department of Environment and Tourism in Zanu-PF and heralded a new approach to the National Tree Planting Day.

The country’s environment ambassador, First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa, yesterday joined Zanu-PF youths in tree planting and a walkathon event from Danhiko in Msasa to Goromonzi High School, the venue of this year’s 18th Annual National People’s Conference.

“As a people’s party, we pride ourselves in being associated with what his Excellency President ED Mnangagwa declared and recently launched,” she said. “This year we lead the nation in the tree planting awareness as we walk from Harare to Goromonzi for our 18th National People’s Conference.

“We have taken this walking-and-planting trees initiative since 2013 to restore trees that are used on a daily basis and those that are lost through natural processes such as invasive alien pests, veld fires, drought and those destroyed by wildlife.

“Tobacco curing has taken more than its share from our indigenous forests, hence we encourage flue-cured tobacco farmers to plant fast-growing trees as a convenient renewable source of energy to sustain this foreign currency generating enterprise.” The First Lady thanked the youths for their commitment, unwavering support and participation in the event.

“You have exhibited that you are true custodians of our country’s natural heritage and thereby setting an example for all the youths of Zimbabwe,” she said. This year’s National Tree Planting Day is commemorated under the theme: “Fruit Trees for Food Security and Nutrition.” The theme, Amai Mnangagwa said, reminded the nation to integrate trees into agricultural land use systems.

“I would like to encourage all farmers to make trees part of the farming system in order to enjoy multiple benefits derived from trees and forests,” she said. “Trees and forests have innumerable functions and benefits to both living organisms and the environment.

“The planting and management of trees and forests positively regulate climate change and, therefore, contributes to the goals of Zimbabwe.” The First Lady urged traditional leaders to continue leading by example in planting and protecting trees and forests. Amai Mnangagwa planted the tree of the year, Garcinia Buchananii, as she led the youths in planting 50 trees at Danhiko.

Source – The Chronicle

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