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MDC mourns ZUPCO accident victims, blames unroadworthy buses

MDC mourns ZUPCO accident victims, blames unroadworthy buses. ‘We are concerned by the continuous unnecessary loss of life on the roads’ he said. ‘The roads are dilapidated while funds meant for refurbishment and maintenance the roads are being looted by political fat cats who are linked to ZANUPF.’ The MDC has expressed its condolences to the families who lost their loved ones in the Epworth ZUPCO bus disaster. In a statement, party secretary for transport Settlement Chikwinya said it was sad that the rot in government was resulting to loss of innocent lives.

He said both the Auditor General and the Public Accounts Committee have exposed the rot in ZINARA yet nothing has been done to hold the individuals accountable. ‘Then comes the terrible, kneejerk ZUPCO scheme. The buses which have been contracted especially for high-density routes are not road Worthy’ he said.

‘There is no mechanism to even check their fitness to transport people day in day out. Then comes the issue of ferrying more than the prescribed number of passengers in the buses.’ Chikwinya said unpalatable suffering of the people has left Zimbabweans with no choice other than using the ZUPCO scheme.

He said this, unfortunately, is resulting in loss of life. HE added that the Harare accident comes on barely a few months after
another ZUPCO bus plunged into a bridge in Torwood Kwekwe resulting in several people being injured and another losing life. ‘We, therefore, propose the following: That the use of unroadworthy buses in the sham ZUPCO deal be stopped forthwith.

Development and implementation of a holistic road infrastructure refurbishment programme. A return of road funds to local
authorities. Designing of a proper public transport system including the metro especially connecting places like Epworth, Chitungwiza, Ruwa and Norton, the same must apply for Bulawayo.

More importantly, the government must take full responsibility for the bus disaster including financial responsibility for
funerals and health attention of injured survivors and establishment of a Road Accident Victims Compensation Fund as agree to by Parliament, where accident victims receive compensation fund for the rest of their lives.’ he said.

Source – Bulawayo24 News

In other news – Zimbabwe female drug traffickers slapped with 20 years each in Mauritius jail

Zimbabwe female drug traffickers slapped with 20 years each in Mauritius jail. Four Zimbabwean ladies have been effectively slapped with 20-year jail terms each after being intercepted in Mauritius with drugs (heroin) worth millions.

Drug traffickers

According to reports, the women had a combined 1,487 kg of heroin in their bellies, police sources in the Mauritian capital said on Thursday. According to reports filtering in through social media, the four ladies were recruited and told to swallow the drugs for delivery in Mauritius…continue reading.

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