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Mihlali Ndamase talks about her love life

Mihlali Ndamase

If you were thinking of shooting your shot with Mihlali this Dezemba, think again. The girl is taken. The influencer has been the crush for many in Mzansi and has given many fans hope by often rolling alone. But sis has revealed that she is taken. Speaking to Yolz recently, Mihlali spilt the tea on her love life and revealed that she is all bae-d up. There is someone,” Mihlali revealed, before revealing that she was happy and he was her smile keeper. Sis said that dude had started hitting on her a couple of years ago but she found him annoying.

Mihlali Ndamase

She admitted that she “used him” at first and was “a rat”, but the pair are cool.
Mihlali has refused to comment on her relationships in the past but joked that she was “dating” Lewis Hamilton a few months ago. The influencer had social media in its feels in September when she posted a series of snap of herself at the Singapore Grand Prix cheering for the F1 champion.

One of her Instagram Stories featured Lewis in a store, with the cheeky caption: “You did the best you could, babe, super proud of you. A winner in my eyes.” The message was accompanied with a loved-up smiley. She also posted a pic of herself in the bath, with Lewis tagged as the photographer.

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