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Mt Hampden City taking shape: New Parliament House sited there – Pic

Mt Hampden City taking shape: New Parliament House sited there – Pic. Plans are advanced for another 2 900 stands for high- and medium-density housing. At the core of the new development, and what is making what is hoped eventually to be a new city, is the Parliament Building on 3,3-hectare site with more land around it already set aside for other amenities such as car parks. Chinese contractors are working around the clock on the new Parliament Building.

The development of residential areas near the new Parliament Building in Mount Hampden has started with 300 low-density housing stands having been serviced in a Government-approved new estate.

The progress being made has charmed the Presidium and President Mnangagwa during his recent visit said: “We know the responsibility for the modernisation and growth of our economy rests with us and then seek assistance from those who are willing to support our programme of modernisation and industrialisation. “We are happy to see the progress achieved here. In fact, I am so amazed by the amount of progress at each visit, which Shanghai Company and the workers have achieved.

‘‘In a very short period of time since we were last here about five months ago, it has been a tremendous success. “So, the seat of power is going to be here. This is our sacred site where the destiny of the country shall be determined.” Nearby is the Charles Prince Airport, originally opened for light aircraft, but now scheduled for upgrade by the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe. “As an authority, we are working on engaging partners so that we upgrade Charles Prince Airport,” said CAAZ spokesperson Ms Anna Hungwe.

Near the new Parliament Building is Mt Hampden Resort Hotel, which is now taking shape. Private developers are moving in to invest under the careful plans, while civil engineering contractors and land developers, Leengate have hit the ground running. Leengate was given approval to service 60 hecatres of land by the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works as part of the planned and controlled development.

The firm’s marketing executive, Mr Eddie Charangwa, said Phase One of the Haydon Park project was fully serviced. “Before people move in, we make sure that all the basic amenities like water and sewer reticulation, roads and electricity are in place,” he said. “Surfaced roads are also in place. Phase Two of the project is almost 100 percent complete. Our aim is to provide Zimbabweans with accommodation at affordable rates and we are there to grow with this new city.

“The Haydon Park project will have 300 low-density households. We are also actively involved in the developing of the commercial side of the new city. ‘‘It took us just two years to complete the servicing of the two phases of this project. “Since we are a fully compliant organisation, all our charges are pegged in the local currency. We want home-seekers to get value for their money.”

Besides the Haydon Park project, Leengate is also working on Penrose suburb in Nyabira. The project is set to create around 2 900 high- and medium-density residential stands, commercial and institutional stands. This project started last year and is progressing on very well. Phase One of the project is almost 90 percent complete,” said Mr Charangwa. “We want to ensure that we play our part in the development of this city. In all our projects, people will only move on when the land is fully serviced.”

Source – The Herald

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Doctors reveal more on Mary Chiwenga’s health. VP Chiwenga’s ex-wife Mary Mubaiwa, who is in remand prison for attempted murder, fraud, money laundering and externalisation of foreign currency has claimed that she is too sick to stand trial. Her lawyers Mtetwa & Nyambirai Legal Practitioners have argued that their client should be in a medical institution.

Mary Chiwenga

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