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Robert Mugabe’s abandoned grave pollutes Heroes Acre

Robert Mugabe’s abandoned grave pollutes Heroes Acre. Mugabe died on September 6 at the Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore. Burial was to be delayed by up to a month to allow a team to erect the mausoleum. Amid family disputes, President Mugabe was eventually buried at his Zvimba rural home on September 28. There are mixed views over the unfinished mausoleum where former President Robert Gabriel Mugabe had initially been set to be buried at the National Heroes Acre.

This led to the abrupt stop to the mausoleum construction and the workers just left their equipment there, including wheelbarrows. The incomplete structure has brought an ugly sight to the otherwise majestic national shrine. It could not be immediately established what will happen to the structure as it is highly unlikely that it can be transferred to a hero in the future. Chief Mutoko, real name Phillimon Nyachoto, said it is a taboo for a grave prepared for someone to be used for another person’s burial place.

“Patsika dzedu dzechivanhu zvinoera kuti guva kana bwiro rachererwa mufi rigozoradzikwa umwe asiri iye warwakachererwa,” said Chief Mtoko. “Anyone found doing such practice can be fined by traditional chiefs,” he added. However, New United Apostolic Faith church leader, Apostle Stephen Mangwanya said there is nothing sinister in burying someone in a grave prepared for a specific person quoting Biblical Scriptures.

“Biblically there is nothing bad in laying to rest the body of a person not prepared for that grave like Jesus Christ who was buried in a grave bought by Joseph for another person,” said Apostle Mangwanya.“Biblical Joseph of Aramathia requested to take body of Jesus Christ and bury it in the grave he had bought for someone and was allowed to do it.

“In that passage of Holy Scriptures, we learnt that rich people or famous people can be used by God in preparing places of burial for humble and anointed people of authority.

“In the same vein, one of the richest people, Biblical David prepared wealth to build a temple of God but God did not allow him since he had caused the death of many people. “God gave that grace to David’s son Solomon and in relation to the Mausoleum built for former president’s burial, I want to believe it must be finished and be prepared for another humble, anointed and man of authority.

“Let it be finished and remain protected awaiting someone who has not caused more blood to spill be buried there,” said Apostle Mangwanya. One of the church members who was following the late Josiah Magama Tongogara commemoration proceedings yesterday said the unfinished mausoleum is an eyesore.

“Look at that, the unfinished job has left the respected place defaced and I do not know the reason why they are leaving the scaffolds and building tools scattered at this historical place,” said the church member refusing to identify self.

Source – H-Metro

In other news – Zanu PF politicises Winky D’s new song Canaan: Pictures

Zanu PF politicises Winky D’s new song Canaan: Pictures. Winky D is one of those artists whose songs are interpreted by many be it politically, socially or religiously. A number of his songs have been interpreted from as early as Sando dzangu to Kasong keJecha and Dzemudanga just to name a few.

Now his latest offering from his soon to be released album Njema, Canaan has been translated again and this time it has been politicised. The ruling party Zanu PF has spoken out on the Gaffers latest offering. Here is what it said…continue reading.

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