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Shingi Kawondera: Mary Chiwenga was a struggling model when I met her

Shingi-Kawondera and Mary Chiwenga

Shingi Kawondera: Mary Chiwenga was a struggling model when I met her. In a heartrending interview, Kawondera revealed that he was Mary’s second husband. Her first marriage to businessman Terry Mandizha collapsed after the couple were blessed with a baby girl. Speaking to online publication, Zim Morning Post, Kaondera said.

Former Warriors star Shingi Kaondera has opened up on the collapse of his marriage to current Second Lady Mary Mubaiwa Chiwenga. Kaondera narrated how Mary had duped him of the business he had heavily invested in. He also revealed how Mary ‘abducted’ the couple’s only child while he was away plying his trade in Cyprus.

Wangu, when I met her (Marry) she was a struggling model. Of course, she came from a well up family but I was on fire, ndaipisa wangu and I invested in (a) business that I thought was ours.

I poured in money for her to start a business, we had a vision of Lachelle Company where we wanted to do boutiques and travel services and she took over because I was in Cyprus. She is a good woman but her rich background pushes her to maintain the status and she can do anything.

Kaondera claimed that he invested a massive US$80 000 in the Lachelle Company which he later lost after the former model dumped him in order to get married to (then) General Constantino Chiwenga. In a separate lawsuit, Kaondera alleges that Mary forged his signature on the divorce papers so that she could get married to the General. He is claiming a massive US$700 000 in damages.

Kaondera also alleges that Mary ‘abducted’ the couple’s 2-year-old daughter, Destiny, and falsified the baby’s birth certificate. She allegedly changed the child’s surname from Kaondera to Mubaiwa after conniving with corrupt officials at the Registrar-General’s office. Kaondera has not seen the child since then. Destiny is now 10-years-old.

Said Kaondera,

Wangu (my brother), my daughter I last saw him her when she was two years old and Marry went on to amend my daughter’s birth certificate, she liaised with Registrar General Office and my daughter ’s last name was changed from Kawondera to Mubaiwa, her maiden surname and that is not fair, but well Mwari ndewemuhu wese haamwire kuDreams, I wish her well though.

Ironically, even though Kaondera is suing Mary for forging the divorce papers, he insists that Vice President Chiwenga’s hands are clean in the whole debacle.

It seems like poetic justice may have finally caught up with the former model and estranged wife of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga. After a seemingly blissful 8 years of marriage, Mary seems to have fallen out of Chiwenga’s good graces and the two are currently embroiled in a tumultuous divorce. However, Mary appears to be bearing the brunt of the fight as her liberty is currently in jeopardy.

Mary is presently incarcerated at the women’s section of Chikurubi Prison after she was denied bail yesterday. She is facing a plethora of charges which include the attempted murder of her estranged husband. The charges also include illegally solemnizing a secret marriage presided over by Acting Chief Magistrate Munamato Mutevedzi without Chiwenga’s knowledge and consent.

She was allegedly dragged naked from the bathroom during her arrest and the Vice President kicked her out her the couple’s matrimonial home after changing the locks on the doors after she was arrested. The Vice President also allegedly forcefully took the couple’s three minor children into his custody while the other two from Mary’s previous relationships were taken into the custody of Mary’s mother, Helga Mubaiwa.

Mary’s lawyers are currently battling to secure her freedom from the High Court.

Source – iHarare

In other news – ZACC seize Marry Chiwenga’s 3 minor children

ZACC seize Marry Chiwenga’s 3 minor children. Marry Mubaiwa, the estranged wife of Vice President Chiwenga was on Monday morning formally placed on remand on the charge of attempting to kill her husband, the Vice President.

Mary Chiwenga

Marry was remanded in custody to December 30, 2019, for routine remand. The Harare regional court advised her to apply for bail at the High Court which has jurisdiction over such third schedule offences. Marry appeared in court facing the additional charge of attempting to kill her husband. She was initially charged with the externalization of…continue reading.

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