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Stunning pictures of DJ Stavo’s hot wife Kudzai Alifa Adams

Stunning pictures of DJ Stavo’s hot wife Kudzai Alifa Adams. The gorgeous beautiful wife of DJ Stavo is one of the most beautiful women we have in the country. Kudzai is a low kee keeper when it comes to the limelight. She likes to keep low and shys away from attention especially from the media. She loves just being a wife despite the fact that she is also a model.

Yes, she is a model and currently, she is a joint brand ambassador of a hair brand called Queendivahair1 together with Star FM’s KVG and ZiFM’s news anchor Candice Mwakeleylye. The divas show off the hair’s brands and models for them. She Kudzai is one of the faces and ooh my she looks stunning whenever she wears the wigs. Check some stunning pictures of her we took from her Instagram account as she serves nothing but the very best…


She also writes interesting captions and innovative, especially to women… Maintain and never complain… 🖤 👑

Kudzai Alifa

Behind her smile , there is a story you would never understand…


You are enough just as you are 🥀

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – VP Chiwenga to take over Presidency after ZANU PF December conference

VP Chiwenga to take over Presidency after ZANU PF December conference. The Vice President who has been away on a medical pilgrimage in South Africa, India and China returned in the country looking visibly strong. ZANU PF sources told this reporter that close allies of President Emmerson Mnangagwa are advising him against taking the long month sabbatical for fear of a revolt that might take place in his absence.

Chiwenga back home

General Chiwenga is set to take over as Acting President of the country in December when President Emmerson Mnangagwa takes his annual leave. “The President will be taking his annual vacation and Number 2 will be the one that will take charge as the Acting President,” the source said. “There has an unease in some comrades who feel that the long absence of the President and…continue reading.

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