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Suspected thief caught and given mob justice video goes viral

Suspected thief caught and given mob justice video goes viral. According to some unconfirmed reports, the half-n@ked man in the video is a well known Zanu-PF supporter (name withheld) who uses his political connections to avoid facing justice.

A video has gone viral on social media in which a suspected thief is being brutally thrashed by two men. The two men who have taken the law into their own hands can be seen to be energetically beating up the suspect after dousing him with water.

It is not clear, who was filming the two men as they were committing the crime of assault. But disturbingly, the events in the video took place in front of the alleged Zanu-PF supporter’s family.

Earlier on this year, another Zanu-PF official and businessman Litten Chikoore shot to infamy after a video of him viciously assaulting a defenceless man went viral on social media. Chikoore was arrested after public uproar over the events in the video.

However, despite having a chequered record at the courts, Chikore did not spend a single day in prison as the Magistrate presiding over the matter sentenced him to 8 months in prison but wholly suspended the sentence.

This was despite the state’s arguments that Chikoore deserved a custodial sentence as he had three previous cases at the court which were all withdrawn. These include attempted murder (2014), impersonating a cop (2014) and contravening the mines and mining act (2016).

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Source – iHarare

In other news- Man in trouble for cashing in on wife’s illicit affair with neighbour

Man in trouble for cashing in on wife’s illicit affair with a neighbour. A Harare man who reportedly fleeced money from his wife’s lover after discovering the illicit affair is in the soup. According to reports reaching iHarare, Maxwell Mutandwa (35) was recently hauled to court facing charges of extortion after he allegedly fleeced his wife’s lover Wadzanai Manyika (43) who lived at the same house.

Cheating husband

Allegations are that Mtandwa confronted and extorted Manyika after he had been tipped off that his wife was romantically involved with him. Manyika is said to have threatened Mutandwa with death before demanding that he pay seven beasts priced at US$450 each and…continue reading.

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