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Its Winky D vs AKA at DJ Stavo and Friends Concert



Winky D

Its Winky D vs AKA at DJ Stavo and Friends Concert. It will be a case of hip hop represented by South Africa’s AKA versus dancehall represented by Winky D for many local music-loving fans. The inaugural DJ Stavo and Friends Concert set for Long Cheng Plaza this Saturday promises fireworks when top artistes Winky D and AKA share the same stage.

What gives event that ‘edge’ is both acts are gifted when it comes to stage performances and both will be performing with a live band. They also boast of a ‘healthy’ music catalogue which kind of guarantees music lovers a good time music-wise.

AKA is currently riding high with his new release entitled “Main Qu’s” and also has other songs like Fella in Versace, Don’t Forget to Pray, Composure, All eyes on me and Baddest among others.

On the hand many music fans will be anticipating whether Winky D will sample any of the tracks of his forthcoming album set to be released on December 31 at the HICC.

Winky D’s MuGarden song released earlier this year is still a favourite of many. Songs like 25, Disappear, Controversy and Dzika Ngirozi among many others are bangers till the present day.

Apart from the two acts the show promises to be highly entertaining from start to finish considering the other acts billed to perform. Ex Q, Distruction Boys, Naak Musq, Tamy, Nutty O, Asaph, Hillzy, Bryan K and DJ Stavo among others are all on the line up.

Source – H-Metro

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