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Woman attempts to throw herself onto moving cars, claims she is hearing voices




Woman attempts to throw herself onto moving cars, claims she is hearing voices. According to reports by Hmetro, Nyarai Matsatsi had to be restrained by people after she attempted to throw herself into moving cars at the Parkade along Nelson Mandela adjacent to Rezende North Bus Terminus, where an upper six student and Upper Room Ministries leader Pastor Barry Dambaza committed suicide a few months ago.

There was chaos in Harare CBD yesterday as a woman yesterday tried to throw herself into moving cars in the streets. One eyewitness Andy Chimone, the one who restrained Nyarai from committing suicide gave a chilling account of the incident and said Nyarai claimed to hear voices calling her. “Anga achisheedzera achiti pane vanhu varikunditi huya kuno. Ndaona achimhanya achichema akananga ku mota ndikatoona kuti paipa.

“Ndabva ndamubata zvekuti apotsa apunyuka nekuti simba raange avakuita ndatorishaya kuti rabva nekupi. “Pane vazouya vakatanga kumunamatira but aramba achingonetsa zvemweya wetsvina chaizvo,” said Chimone.

Her mother was distraught at her daughter’s bizarre suicide attempt. “I just received a call from when I was home in Mbare saying my daughter is being hysterical and I don’t know what to do since she has never been in this situation before. “She is hearing voices of which we cannot figure out how this is happening. Anozvishandira ne mhuri yake; tashaya kuti zvirikufamba sei,” she said.

Nyarai’s father Alexander Matsatsi said the family was now monitoring Nyarai. “She is now stable and we are now assessing if she will continue like that. We have no idea what happened to her in town but we are now consulting spiritual church people to assist us.

Source – iHarare

In other news – Doctors reveal more on Mary Chiwenga’s health

Doctors reveal more on Mary Chiwenga’s health. VP Chiwenga’s ex-wife Mary Mubaiwa, who is in remand prison for attempted murder, fraud, money laundering and externalisation of foreign currency has claimed that she is too sick to stand trial. Her lawyers Mtetwa & Nyambirai Legal Practitioners have argued that their client should be in a medical institution.

Mary Chiwenga

This follows Mubaiwa’s bail appeal papers filed at the High Court. Mary claims she had a serious medical condition arising from an assassination attempt and therefore she is not fit to stand trial, she should be freed on bail and get…continue reading.




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