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Zimdancehall Queen Lady Squanda hosts cup clash

Lady Squanda

Zimdancehall Queen Lady Squanda hosts cup clash. Top chanters comprising HKD boss Freeman, Soul Jah Love, Seh Calaz, Kinnah, Silent Killer, Ricky Fire and Killer T are set to perform. In an interview, Lady Squanda encouraged chanters and fans to come in their numbers to witness entertainers vying for the gong. Self-proclaimed dancehall nurse Lady Squanda is expected to host a cup clash this Saturday at the Aquatic Complex in Chitungwiza.

“I am hosting a cup clash in Chitungwiza where chanters will take on each other and at the end of the day the biggest winner will pocket some cash. “It’s the time for chanters to settle their differences on stage. “Vanhu should come in numbers because their favourite musicians will be showing their strength.

“Vanedaka ngavauye vapedzerane ndiwo mukana wacho,” she said. Similar sentiments were echoed by Silent Killer who took a swipe on Madviper and promised to outclass him this on Saturday. “Madviper ndoda kumpedzera he has been telling people that I am now a spent force. “I will show him the real Silent Killer, I have been in the industry for a long time ndomupedzera and vanhu vakamutuma.

“I will teach him a lesson, he can’t compete with a king. “When I ventured into music our genre was still being looked upon. “I am ready to take on anyone, I am a blessing and I am in the music industry to teach the yutes. “I have graduated to recruit angels of war, (Ngirozi dzehondo),” he said.

He added: “Madviper can’t match with my league ndoda four or five of his calibre. “It’s a one on one clash which is set to prove my strengths. “Madviper aka disser Dhadza D who is one of the elder based in Chitown kutema muti nebadza.”

Source – H-Metro

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