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Woman keeps all her abortions, wraps them in a plastic

American Tweeter

Woman keeps all her abortions, wraps them in plastic. An American Tweeter pulled a shocker recently with her obnoxious revelation that she has been keeping her aborted foetuses (fetus) embalmed in plastic. She claims she loves her babies.

On the microblogging viral comparative game, the lady who goes by the name dev (@slvyed_) claimed through a pair of images, she is the “Mom” and the other image is her “Offspring”.

In what the publication perceived are “Pinkies” or little hairless baby mice that people usually feed their reptiles with, she made an avowal these were her babies which she keeps after all her abortions and loves them dearly. Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy that is legal in some American states, thereby making her surreal revelation convincing.

Note,the authenticity of her claims have not yet been established by the publications, there may be chances, this was a case of clout chasing.

Source – iHarare

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Winky D

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