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Zim female celebs join in the #Nomakeup #RuvhenekoChallenge: Pics


Zim female celebs join in the #Nomakeup #RuvhenekoChallenge: Pics. The media personality posted a picture of herself without make-up citing that many men claim women are shocking if they are not wearing make-up. She posted a picture of her natural face and urged other Zim women to join in the challenge and well most of the popular Zimbabwe Female celebrities have responded well to the challenge. Powerful and influential women have taken up the challenge. Check the pictures below


Ladies! Shall we “Shock” things up? Please post your No Make-Up Selfie on your timeline! Here’s mine! I saw some people on Twitter have already started a #RuvhenekoChallenge so let’s carry on with that hashtag.


Let’s have a bit of naked fun! Why not? Use whichever social media platform you prefer- the hashtag will connect us! The screenshot of a tabloid article should give you some context.

Madam BossMada

While I respect that everyone is entitled to their opinions, every woman is entitled to present herself how she pleases.  The world should stop preaching that beauty is behind filters and makeup.

So many international celebs have posted No Makeup Selfies, loving themselves in their most natural and vulnerable state. I invite women who are comfortable in their skin, and especially those who are uncomfortable in their skin, to join in on this.

It will teach you a lot about yourself! And don’t worry, you can take 20 shots before finding the perfect one! Lol. It’s a girl thing 😉💋
#RuvhenekoChallenge #SelfLove #NoMakeUp

Source – Mbaretimes

In other news – Zimbabwean gunman who killed SA cop finally arrested

Zimbabwean gunman who killed SA cop finally arrested. A South African based Zimbabwean fugitive who allegedly gunned down a South African police captain during a robbery shootout on Saturday in Johannesburg has been arrested.

Preymore Dube

Reports reaching iHarare have revealed that the alleged suspect from Bulawayo, Preymore Dube, shot Diepsloot police captain Matjie (54) three times on the head and he died on the spot…continue reading.

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