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Chilspot Records artist Pumacol blasts Passion Java?


Chilspot Records artist Pumacol blasts Passion Java? Zimdancehall artiste Boss Pumacol has released a diss song seemingly mocking Enzo Ishall and Prophet Passion Java after their fall out. Although it is evident that the song is targeted at Enzo and Passion, Pumacol has dismissed the rumours saying that the song is targeting the so-called rich promoters who fake promoting youths.

“What l sing come to me as a flash of inspiration,the motivation coming from what we encounter in our daily lives. “The song mastanzi imhene is a reality song which everyone can relate to and there is no illusion within it.Our industry is remaining stagnant and one of the main reason is the existence of fake promoters or should l say, sponsors.

“Certain individuals are timing artists that are on the spotlight and use these artists to make their names popular. They never fulfil their obligations towards the artist!In the end, it is the artist who is blamed,” said Pumacol.

The Ammara Brown singer added that the song should not cause any conflict in the industry as it only raises awareness to artistes to be careful.

“The reason why l decided to call it mastanzi emhene is straightforward these so-called promoters, sponsors etc. are wolves coming in sheep disguise,act like they are very rich and make fake promises which they will never fulfil.

“Artistes need to be careful with everything they do and how they do it, they should never allow themselves to be used by these so-called promoters,” added Pumacol.

Source – Nehanda Radio

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