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Strive Masiyiwa: Thank you, doctors, who accepted my offer to return to work


Strive Masiyiwa: Thank you, doctors, who accepted my offer to return to work. The UK-based billionaire gave the update through his Facebook page on Friday. HigherLife Foundation founder Strive Masiyiwa said 1 504 doctors have accepted the offer that he made last year, and expanded this year, for them to call off a debilitating strike that had crippled Zimbabwe’s health sector.

Below is Masiyiwa’s update:

#Update on Zimbabwe’s doctors: As many of you know, my wife and I renewed our offer to the striking Zimbabwean public hospital doctors. The offer closed this evening, and we have been stunned by the response:

1 504 doctors completed the forms, as well as the Resumption of Work process. I had no idea there were that many doctors involved! They have all gone back to work!

This brings the total number of doctors that will be back at work next week to 1866 [including the 362 who accepted the original offer] According to reports I received entire wards at major hospitals, and even entire clinics were re-opening today. That is just remarkable! A miracle!

I really want to extend my own gratitude to these doctors, I know it has not been easy for them. And I’m the first to agree that’s this is not where they want to be.

As part of our foundation’s initiatives we also extended the Free Transport to both doctors and nurses, using Vaya Commuter Shuttles, for another six months. Vaya is also making Free Water Deliveries to 19 hospitals and clinics on a weekly basis.


I really want to urge the relevant authorities to re-engage on this issue and find a satisfactory, and long term, sustainable solution. Meanwhile, I want to also appeal to every member of our society in Zimbabwe, to remember that these are Community Hospitals, and they serve everyone.

This morning I spoke to some church leaders who are keen to help with things like food for doctors and patients. I think this would be a great start. If you are a member of a church why not get involved:

Let’s approach this with the spirit of Cyclone Idai Disaster Response. We need food, blankets, and other forms of support. Everyone has something to offer. Let’s do this.

Strive Masiyiwa

Source – Pindula News

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