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Pic of the day: Patinoti kudonhedza musika

Kudonhedza musika

Pic of the day: Patinoti kudonhedza musika. Remember when Boom Betto’s amai munodonhedza musika track rocked the nation? Everybody was addicted to the word and women were doing the challenge left right and centre. The challenge went viral and it even crossed borders as far as reaching Tanzania and Namibia just to mention a few.

Zimdancehall musician Boom Beto who has risen to popularity because of his song “Amai Mudonhedza Musika” explained the meaning of the words Mutaka and Kudonhedza  Musika as used in the song and insisted that his song is clean.

Speaking to Gemnation backstage after his show-stopping performance at the Star FM’s Big Hangout held over the weekend at Glamis Stadium, Boom Beto explained that Mutaka refers to clay while Kudonhedza Musika refers to an outstanding woman. Said Boom Beto:

There shouldn’t be any problems with the song because I’m talking about natural creation by God. Mutaka is simply clay which we use to mould stuff be it toys or pots back in the village. So the reference on Mutaka is that we all came from dust and dust we shall retain.


In musika I’m talking about the level of standard or the quality on the market. Kudonhedza musika describes something that is outstanding so the woman I’m talking about is so outstanding be it beauty or body-wise.

Source – Pindula News

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Khama Billiat

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