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70-year-old-man bashes wife over vegetables

70-year-old-man bashes wife over vegetables. Regay Chawawa of Chawawa village, Chief Makope Chiweshe escaped jail after the magistrate suspended the sentence on condition that he pays $1000 fine.

A 70-year-old Chiweshe man was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment yesterday by Concession magistrate Ruth Moyo for severely assaulting his wife and breaking her hand after she cooked vegetables on Christmas day.

Prosecutor Moses Kuimba told the court that on Christmas Day the convict came from where he was enjoying his day and was served sadza with vegetables by his wife Lucia Kawanzaruva (60) when he expected to eat with meat. A scuffle ensued and he picked a log which he used to strike his wife all over the body breaking her hand in the process.

In mitigation, the septuagenarian pleaded for a non-custodial sentence saying he was a breadwinner who just expected to be served meat on a special day. “Your worship may you be lenient with me l am a breadwinner on Christmas day l expected to eat with meat but my wife gave me vegetables so l had to discipline her,” he said.

In another case a 19-year-old Guruve man was arraigned before a Bindura magistrate Ethel Chichera for raping a minor in the bush. Andrew Chikonyora of Baradzanwa village chief Bepura was not asked to plead to rape and was remanded in custody to January 16.

The state alleges sometime in December last year the accused saw the complainant going to fetch firewood in the bush and followed her, he then grabbed her hand before raping her once. Tariro Janhi represented the state.

Source – Bulawayo24 News

In other news – Police shoot and kill a member of Mashurugwi

Police shoot and kill a member of Mashurugwi. There was an incident in Mphoengs (in Matabeleland South) on January 3, where a machete-wielding gang teamed up with some unruly elements to free a robbery, unlawful entry and theft suspect, Nkosana Moyo, from police custody.


Zimbabwe Republic Police revealed on Sunday that they shot and killed a member of a machete gang known as Mashurugwi or Al Shabab in Bulawayo after they freed their colleague from…continue reading.

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