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Alick Macheso’s 2020 resolutions

Alick Macheso’s 2020 resolutions. Sungura maestro Alick Macheso has shared his 2020 resolutions. “As we said our goodbyes to 2019, tinotenda musiki atipinza mugore rino ra 2020,” he said. Macheso urged motorists to be cautious and responsible on the roads. “Hakuna hwahwa hutsva mazuva ose in 2020, even the cars that we drive, the bus stops and the roads are still the same. In an interview with H-Metro, the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society humanitarian ambassador took time to speak on road safety, attitude on the roads and family.

“Many drive as if they do not have children or relatives or parents, be patient for that little time you are on the steering wheel. “Unomhanyirepi, nemotor yako pachako? Even if you are sent by its owner, he or she will smile at you when you are back safe with his or her vehicle. “God looks after people who are careful about themselves,” said Macheso. He said many accidents were being caused by over excitement.

“Kuwonererwa ndochirwere chikuru mumugwagwa, vanoda kuwonererwa huyayi pastage ndopa highway yemanyemwe ipopaye, towonererwa tese tichifadza vanhu tichibhadharwa, kwete tichiurayisa vana nevabereki vasina mhosva. “Let us be responsible in 2020 by just saying I am not going to get over excited or angry at any cost. “Do not speed, why not behave like mature people who are educated,” he said. Macheso said there was still room to reform.

“Chingoti uchigeza so, wongoti, in 2020 I want to surprise many by stopping that habit which did not bring bread on my table. “…just give yourself assignments, tough tests, like I am no longer going to be angry when upset anyhow by any driving,” he said. Macheso also took time to educate people to mind their health in 2020. “I urge people to regularly take lots of water than drinks, kana doro tinwe tichidira mvura, zvibhodhoro vanakomana mazvinyanya. “Whisky and brands are supposed to be taken just a tot per day, not to take the whole bottle without even eating or diluting in few minutes.

“Due to global climate change, mvura yarambira mudenga, no more rain, we were used to farming for our basic food, even here in towns, we used to farm on small pieces of land but due to heat waves and climatic changes, all is history today.” Macheso also showed his understanding of biology.

“Human body is 60 percent water that was said by H.H. Mitchell in the book called Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, chiwona manje, pfungwa dzedu idzi dzinova ndidzo munhu, human brain and heart take 73 percent water, worse the lungs using 83 percent water. “For your face to look good, it is because 64 percent water being used by your skin only, your muscles nema kidneys use 79 percent of water, except those born in their hardness, they need 31 percent of water nekuti anotoriwo netsinga dzinofema.

“So you see, that is why I am saying in 2020, my human health advocacy is to be healing our bodies naturally by just drinking water continuously day and night, continuously taking a sip, more water than drinks, kana doro tinwe tichidira mvura, zvibhodhoro vanakomana mazvinyanya. “Lastly, we are Africans who have a culture for caring through to extended families. “Everywhere is dry, so I call on people in the Diaspora to assist the affected and vulnerable society back home especially in rural areas. “Kwete kuti nzara yepapo ndeyeikoko, kuno takaguta, chabata mumwe wako ngachikubatewo iwewe,” he said.

Source – H-Metro

In other news – Pictures of Winky D on stage goes viral

Pictures of Winky D on stage goes viral. With the fame he has at the moment Winky d is becoming untouchable. His latest offering Njema has taken the music especially Dancehall arena by storm.  ZimTainment a local tabloid reported that Winky D’s latest album, Njema, which was launched on New Year eve is currently number 4 on Amazon top 100 best sellers for music and number 1 for best reggae album sellers.

Winky D

This shows how hot the album is, and judging by the build-up to its launch it is living up to its hype. Winky D was among the artists featured in the Southern Africa Music Airwaves (SAMA) Festival 2009. His latest Album Njema has influenced a lot in him achieving this stature. One would swear the album is…continue reading.

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