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Confession time: I am deeply in love with a married man




Confession time: I am deeply in love with a married man. Hi Sis Noe

I cheated on my boyfriend and he doesn’t want to forgive me despite the fact that he found out about the cheating from my confession. When I met him he had no direction and now he has a career thanks to me.


You probably told your boyfriend because you felt so much guilt that you wanted him to forgive you. But what often happens is that the other person feels so hurt or angry that they end the relationship. Maybe he is also not giving you another chance because the relationship had become stale. Ask for another chance and give him time to grieve and think about it. If he refuses, then make the break and go on your own to help you move on. You need to stop seeing him and talking to him every day. Instead, see your friends, rebuild your social life, and in time you will meet someone else.

Hi Sis Noe

I just found out that I am in a relationship with a married man and it breaks my heart and makes me feel guilty and miserable but I don’t want to end the relationship because I am in too deep. I feel bad not ending the relationship.


There is nothing like village gossip, and I would not be surprised if people are already talking about it; often those concerned are the last to find this out. But think about it: you love a man who based your whole relationship on a lie, and he is deceiving two women. If he can lie about something as important as being married, he could lie about anything. How do you see the future of this affair? If you are hoping he will leave his wife, I think you will be disappointed. The majority of men don’t, and the fact that he wanted to keep his marriage a secret suggests he was hoping to have his cake and eat it. I know it’s difficult for you, but you are not being fair to his wife, so try to find the courage to end it.


I am beautiful, single and professional lady aged 38, I am looking for a man who wants a serious relationship. The man must also be gainfully employed and able to take care of himself and me. I want a relationship that will lead to marriage. I am not up for games so men who are out for a fling need not bother. Divorced men and widows with one or two children are most welcome. The fear of God is a must as I am a devout Christian. I am based in Bulawayo.

I am a 58-year-old woman looking for a partner aged 60 and above.

I am looking for a man aged 40 with a good job. I am 26 and HIV-negative. I am desperate for love.

I need a serious man aged 55 to 60, someone who has an income. I am based in Bulawayo and I am HIV-positive but fit and strong. I work for a private company and my children are all grown up. I am aged 40.

I am a 40-year-old father of four, looking for a mature lady of 38 and below of the same status who is willing to settle down. I have a stable job. I am based in Bulawayo. She must also have a stable job and be of sober habits. I don’t drink or smoke. I am a lady aged 35 based in Bulawayo. I am looking for someone mature aged 40 and above. I don’t want married men and players.


To get in touch with the people above contact Sis Noe on WhatsApp 0773111328. Please note that we will not be of assistance if you call or send an SMS.

Source – Sunday News

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