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K Naomi divides Twitter over HIV, Aids comment

K Naomi

The journey to destigmatising the public perception of people who live with HIV and Aids has been a hotbed topic on social media. Media personality K Naomi landed in hot water on Monday after posted her thoughts about her perceived public perception of HIV and Aids.

Taking to her Twitter account in a now deleted tweet, K Naomi posted “HIV AIDS is becoming a norm. This is scary. This comment quickly circled around the Twitter streets and divided tweeps with some saying they understood what she meant to say.

K Naomi


People are really going out of their way to twist K Naomi’s tweet about HIV by trying to make it better, she meant what she said. People who are living with HIV are scared of disclosing their status to their loves ones because of the stigma and fear of being judged.

Source: News365

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