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Man in excruciating erect!ion pain after Sangoma gives wife African v!agra instead of love-potion



Love Potion

Man in excruciating erect!ion pain after Sangoma gives wife African v!agra instead of love-potion. A Hwange man reportedly endured a prolonged erection and insatiable s.e.x urges after he ingested s.e.x enhancement herbs laced in his food by his wife in a botched attempt to enhance her husband’s love for her. iHarare has learnt from B-Metro, that Margret Mpofu’s efforts to use traditional medicine to seal her marriage to Everisto Moyo, backfired after she was given African ‘viagra’ instead of a love potion when she consulted a Sangoma.

According to a source who spoke on condition of anonymity, Moyo started complaining of excruciating pains and non-stop s.e.x drive soon after consuming a meal his wife had cooked. Out of panic, Mpofu confessed to neighbours that she gave him a meal laced with herbs meant to enhance his love for her.

After her husband started complaining of non-stop s.e.x drive, a few hours after consuming the potion of the concocted meal, Mpofu who seemed to have panicked quickly confessed to the neighbours that she was the one who laced his food with a concoction prepared from herbs which she was given by a sangoma claiming it would enhance her husband’s love for her.

The source also revealed that Moyo was later rushed to a sangoma in Binga who assisted him. Efforts to get a comment from Moyo were not fruitful as he refused to entertain questions from the publication. He, however, threatened the news reporter with unspecified action if the matter saw the light of day.

Where did you get my number? What you are asking is none of your business. If ever that story is published in the newspaper, you will see what will happen to you.

Source – iHarare

Ex-First Lady Grace Mugabe’s empire crumbles down as school collapses

Ex-First Lady Grace Mugabe’s empire crumbles down as school collapses. The year 2020 has started badly for former First Lady Grace Mugabe’s once-sprawling business empire, as students, teachers and parents are withdrawing from her schools citing a wide array of problems from ill-treatment to poor working conditions. Since the removal from power and subsequent death of Robert Mugabe, things have unravelled quite fast for the Grace Mugabe Foundation, which runs the schools, children’s home and other projects.

Grace Mugabe

“In politics, unlike in religion, the dead do not protect the living,” said Alexander Rusero, a Harare-based political analyst. It has emerged that the collapse of the Mugabes business empire has just begun in earnest…continue reading.




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