MDC Vice-chair Job Sikhala indicted for treason trial

MDC Vice-chair Job Sikhala indicted for treason trial. The MDC leader landed himself in trouble after he allegedly told a campaign rally in Bikita that Mnangagwa’s Zanu PF government would be overthrown before 2023.

The State alleges Sikhala said: “We are a committed leadership that will give Zanu PF headaches and (Amos) Chibaya was not lying or joking about the war and fight we are going to take to the doorsteps of Emmerson Mnangagwa. We are going to overthrow him before 2023, that is not a joke.”

The trial of MDC vice-chairperson Job Sikhala, accused of trying to overthrow the government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, will be held at the Masvingo High Court from January 27 to 31. Sikhala was indicted by Bikita magistrate Caroline Tafira for trial at the High Court.

Sikhala, who is being represented by Jeremiah Bhamu, is denying the charge. Among the State witnesses subpoenaed are villagers, Shepherd and Joshua Munatsi under Chief Mazungunye, Panganai Svaruka — a gardener at Kumboedza general dealer and Shepherd Muperi, a shopkeeper, among others.

Sikhala is among a dozen other top MDC officials and human rights activists arrested last year and charged with treason for allegedly undermining Mnangagwa’s authority.

Source – Nehanda Radio

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