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Pretoria extends Home Affairs working hours

Pretoria extends Home Affairs working hours. Some of the people expected to use the Home Affairs offices are citizens from other countries, among them Zimbabweans seeking to regularise their stay. South African Home Affairs offices have extended operating hours from 8 am to 7 pm to cope with the expected flood of those required documents to travel or register children ahead of the new school year.

In a statement yesterday, the Department of Home Affairs said it had extended operating hours between 2 and 10 January to meet the anticipated increase in demand of services during the period before schools re-open.

The department said people should also take advantage of the extension of operating times and collect their outstanding documents, among them national IDs. The organisation said it was concerned by the amount of uncollected smart ID cards.

Late last year, the organisation urged about 3 000 Zimbabweans to collect their outstanding permits under the Zimbabwe Exemption Permits (ZEP) facility. Pretoria introduced a four-year permit for those wishing to study or work in that country from January 2018.

Source – The Herald

Ex-First Lady Grace Mugabe’s empire crumbles down as school collapses

Ex-First Lady Grace Mugabe’s empire crumbles down as school collapses. The year 2020 has started badly for former First Lady Grace Mugabe’s once-sprawling business empire, as students, teachers and parents are withdrawing from her schools citing a wide array of problems from ill-treatment to poor working conditions. Since the removal from power and subsequent death of Robert Mugabe, things have unravelled quite fast for the Grace Mugabe Foundation, which runs the schools, children’s home and other projects.

Grace Mugabe

“In politics, unlike in religion, the dead do not protect the living,” said Alexander Rusero, a Harare-based political analyst. It has emerged that the collapse of the Mugabes business empire has just begun in earnest…continue reading.

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