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More drama for Kaizer Chiefs star Khama Billiat & baby mama – He allegedly did a Hit and Run on her

Khama Billiat

Khama Billiat is in the papers again as his baby mama drama keeps proving more and more difficult to keep under wraps. The Kaizer Chiefs midfielder is trying to get her arrested for spreading fake rumours.

Baby mama drama is never fun and Khama Billiat is experiencing this first hand. In fact, the footballer is going as far as claiming that he doesn’t even have a baby mama! An unnamed woman has dragged him in the papers three times in the last 6 months, accusing Khama of “hitting and running” (i.e. having s.e.x with her and leaving her to deal with the pregnancy that followed).

Last week it was reported that Khama had been stabbed by the alleged baby mama but speaking to Sunday World this week, Khama revealed that not only was that story fake news, but he accused the woman in the question of lying about the nature of their relationship.

He said, “She is very violent and aggressive in her bid to destroy my family. My family is not at peace at home, they are afraid to go out. I’m also afraid to go work because we are always followed by unknown people. I was threatened with death and my family is suffering from my depression.”

The hectic situation became even direr after Khama was forced to file a restraining order on the 22-year-old woman. He claims that he is still waiting for proof that she mothered his child. He said, “She accused me of impregnating her. I said to her I want a paternity test. She got upset and threatened to kill me and tarnish my name through all social media platforms. She then demanded money from me. I said let’s go to do the paternity test, she refused and ran away but kept demanding money and threatened to go to social media and tell lies about me”

As it currently stands, a warrant for the woman’s arrest was issued briefly before it was suspended on accounts of the fact that she had not broken her restraining order.

What should Khama Billiat do about the ongoing drama?

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