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Adulterous married woman’s shocking confession detailing s.e.xcapades: Pics

Cheating woman

Adulterous married woman’s shocking confession detailing s.e.xcapades. In the latest episode, a married woman’s shocking written confession is doing the rounds on social media. It seems that of late, cheating couples in Zimbabwe are under fire as their affairs are constantly being exposed with some rather embarrassing photos and videos finding their way to social media.

iHarare has learned that the husband of the cheating woman demanded that she write a confession after learning of the affair. We will, however, remove all personal details to protect the identities of the parties as the woman in question is pregnant. iHarare is still working on establishing the exact circumstances which led to the confession being written on the 30th of January ( last Thursday).

In the letter, the woman confesses to having a two your adulterous affair and details the numerous instances when she was intimate with her illicit lover. She even details, how she continued with the affair for almost 9 months after she had an argument with her husband over the relationship. From her timelines, however, she wants to make it clear that she had called off the relationship for more than a year before she got pregnant.

Below is the confession in its entirety, (sans the personal details)



I confess I had a relationship with SD end of 2015, he is emplaced by the Ministry of Health under Chegutu District. It all started as just an ordinary friendship in 2015 and mid-year 2016 we got intimate.


The 1st incident that I got intimate with him was in his car at Chegutu Country Club in 2016. From that time I met him at the following places and we would be intimate:

His friend’s place in Chegutu (WS).We went to a social place in Norton and got in a lodge and another place at Martin Spur. H once met at my friend’s place (SK) in Chegutu and had a social afternoon with her and I left going to my house.

The other place we would meet is a lodge in Chegutu and mostly we would just have a chit-chat in his car and go home.

Cheating-Womans Confession

Sometimes we would be intimate in his car at a place where he was doing his residential developments. I went and met him in Harare, at a lodge in Eastlea where he was already booked and we got intimate and someplace along Chakari road in his car!

The last time I was intimate with him was in this car at Bryden Country School [,] there was a function that was ongoing at the place and this was in March 2018. I had an argument with my husband in 2017 December when he confronted me about my relationship with the above-mentioned person, after that, I didn’t stop talking to him until in March 2018 when I called the relationship off.

Cheating Womans Confession

I have a 7-year-old son and expecting a second child with my husband I which is due to be delivered in March this year 2020. I last talked to SD as far as this matter is concerned in March 2018 and until now I am no longer invoked with anything to do with him.

Ps: Sometimes he would come at night at our house and pick me up with his car and we go to his place I mentioned in part of my statements. This is my Confession.

Source – iHarare

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