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21 years later, System Tazvida’s widow still looking young: Pics

Fanuel System Tazvida

21 years later, System Tazvida’s widow still looking young: Pics. System passed away on February 4 1999 and commemorations to honor his memory have fallen flat. The events have been dogged by family bickering and greed by some of the Tazvida members. The late musician Fanuel ‘System’ Tazvida’s wife Barbara Mabuyaye says she still grieves for him even 21 years layers after his death.

His widow Barbara has had to deal with being lovesick, the pressure to handle s.e.x predators and working hard to sustain herself. Barbara recently bared her soul to HMetro in a candid interview.

“The wound is still fresh and it feels like yesterday as we remember my late husband,” said Barbara. “During this time of year, I used to start receiving gifts from my husband who didn’t want to see me struggling.

“However, his music still comforts me and I can also relate well with widows of other late musicians in my situation,” Barbara said she is still loyal to the memory of her husband and keeps his memory alive. “I still keep the promise I made to him – loyalty. I still stay at the same house we used to share in Unit N.

Barbara Mabuyaye

“I get all the strength I need when my spirits are down by staying in the same house we used to share together. “I still have some of the good photos we had together and some of the presents System gave to me.”

She reveals that the couple didn’t have any children when System passed on. “We stayed together for 10 years but we were yet to be blessed with children. “It’s not easy for any woman in the world to be in my situation but these are some of the life situations we have learn to accept,” she said.

Barbara said she never heard of her husband’s secret children or love children as per tradition with most artists in the entertainment industry. “I have never received such reports because my husband was straight.

“If he had any shenanigans, these kids might have surfaced in the past 21 years he died. Barbara still looks young and fresh even at 48 years old. She has been targeted by s.e.x predators and men asking her to share a bed with her but she has managed to fend them off.

Fanuel System Tazvida

“What I admit happens to me regularly is that there are men who love me for s.e.x because of my looks and everything. “However, I make sure that I don’t give in to them easily because I still value myself.

“Kunyenga ndinonyengwawo, ndinenge ndichinyepa kana ndikasandaro,” she said. She says she never remarried and didn’t attempt to get married after losing her husband despite the rumours that she was married to one of System’s relatives.

Source – iHarare

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