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Ginimbi denied bail, to languish in jail


Ginimbi denied bail, to languish in jail. Harare regional magistrate Crispen Mberewere denied Kadungure’s bail on the basis that he showed dishonesty after committing the offence while on bail on other similar offences.

Flamboyant businessman Genius Kadungure’s bid for freedom has flopped after he was denied bail at the Harare provincial magistrates court. Kadungure is facing fraud charges after he allegedly undervalued his Bentley upon its importation into the country from South Africa and prejudiced ZIMRA of nearly US $58 665 in import duty.

Kadungure was ordered to pay an additional US$58,655.09 duty on top of the US$81,469 already paid to ZIMRA for the Bentley Continental GT.  The state claims Kadungure bought his Bentley for US$3 281 784 but he allegedly lied that the vehicle was worth US$1 million. The socialite recently buried his mother Juliana Mubaiwa 58 who died after a long battle with cane

Ginimbi begged for forgiveness during his graveside speech at the burial of Juliana in Domboshava on Saturday. Said Ginimbi. today I feel humbled by the multitudes here who have helped me in bidding farewell to the woman, used by God for my existence on earth, we are laying to rest today,” said Ginimbi.

“Allow me to beg for forgiveness, on behalf of my mother to my relatives, villagers, friends and even to medical doctors who may have fallen victim of negative speech during her life.

“In life you make mistakes either deliberately or not but today I am seeking your forgiveness. “I became who I am because of my parents and today I have many friends from around and beyond.

Source – iHarare

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