Home Scandals Twabam P#NANI Eating Video causes chaos

Twabam P#NANI Eating Video causes chaos

Twabam Punani Eating Video

Twabam P#NANI eating Video causes chaos on social media as people wonder and ask who the men in that video are.

The word Twabam was made popular by Prophet Passion Java who of late has been in the news as Chillspot records fight it off with Enzo Ishall…. back to the video at hand, A video showing 2 women (we think its those expensive thigh vendors) feasting on each other’s p#nani has been doing rounds on social media.

We can only see the shoes of the men who are splashing US Dollars on the hot thigh vendors as one of the men shouts TWABAM! hence the name Twabam p#nani eating video.

We haven’t received any info as to who the men in the video are as yet but what caught our attention besides the hunnies are the words Twabam and the US Dollars.

I know all you want to watch the video for yourselves and be the judges as to who is in that video. Thanks to our long time friends at NaughtyZA. You can watch the video on the link below. Be sure to leave your comment and tell us what you think.


In Other News – Man knocks out mother-in-law’s teeth during a fight

Man knocks out mother-in-law’s teeth during a fight. A 31-year-old Guruve man was sentenced to 2 years in prison by a Guruve magistrate Artwell Sanyatwe today for kicking his mother in-law’s mouth and removing her teeth in a misunderstanding.

Brighton Mutaiwa of Rwodzi village, Nyakapupu in Guruve was jailed after a full trial. Prosecutor Carson Kundiona vehemently nailed the convict saying Mutaiwa assaulted a person who was refraining him from assaulting his wife.

“Your worship, this matter is aggravated by the fact that Mutaiwa assaulted the complainant for no reason, the complainant was actually trying to refrain the accused from further bashing his wife, a punitive custodial sentence would send a strong signal that justice system has a stern stance against violence,” Kundiona said. continue reading