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At 2 years-old, Ntando Duma’s daughter Sbahle is already Leadership – Watch how she does it

Ntando Duma and Sbahle

Forget the government, Ntando Duma and Junior De Rocka‘s daughter, Sbahle, is all the leadership we need.

The two-year-old is already an internet sensation with her appearances in several videos posted by her parents, and melted hearts this week when Ntando posted an exchange she had with Sbahle before school.

Sitting in the car together, Ntando asked Sbahle how she was doing in several languages.

Sbahle handled most of them like a champ, responding with a smile and loads of energy.

She also gave her mom a high five and kisses.

Sbahle’s confidence had the internet stannin HARD and followers flooded Ntando’s page to gush over the nation’s bundle of joy.

Meanwhile, the “future president” is already winning at this whole school thing and learning to share the sunshine with all those she meets.

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