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Pic of the day – When hot Queens meet, Lorraine Guyo and Pokello


Pic of the day – When hot Queens meet, Lorraine Guyo and Pokello.We had an article about these two stars sometime last year and here is what we said…

Ndiyani avharisa gore? Pokello vs Lorraine Guyo: Pics. They are some of the celebrities that have had a wonderful 2019. They have had drama, ups and downs and some controversies in between but it all shaped up the build-up to their perfect end of the year.

Pokello we have all now come to terms with that she can’t go for at least a month without making headlines be it positively or negatively, she always finds herself at the centre of headlines. This past week she was trending after a video of her buying clothes at a Chinese Flea Market in China went viral.


During the course of the year so much happened to her. But she always finds a way to make it work and come back on top of the situation all the time. On the other hand, Lorraine had a fantastic year despite making rounds after that nasty break-up with then rumoured boyfriend socialite Thomas Chizhanje.

LorraineBut the year is over and the stars are getting ready for the festive season and here is what they have to offer in the few remaining days of 2019.

Noe the stars are bonding together. Hence the picture above.

Source – MbareTimes

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Embattled Lewis Matutu loses ZANU PF luxury car. Lewis Matutu who was demoted to a card-carrying Zanu PF member after he raised the red flag over corruption was on Wednesday asked to leave behind keys for the official party vehicle he has been using, a luxurious all-terrain Toyota Land Cruiser VX model.


The Zimbabwe Independent reports that Matutu tried in vain to defend himself as bigwigs wanted him expelled from the party. “Matutu began his defense by stating that since they had only expressed their own personal views and…continue reading.