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Mbudzi Roundabout getting a makeover

Mbudzi roundabout
Mbudzi roundabout

Mbudzi Roundabout getting a makeover. With the influx of second-hand Japanese vehicles in the country, the current road infrastructure is outdated and failing to cope. Traffic jams are the order of the day with a 20-minute trip taking more than an hour especially during peak hours. Motorists are then put in a precarious situation, Be late or drive like kombi driver to arrive at work on time. Apart from safety concerns, disregarding road rules leads to more traffic jams and delays as motorists end up creating multiple lanes on the wrong side of the road.

However, despite Harare being a traffic jungle, one road takes the crown for traffic jams no matter the time of day and that is Mbudzi roundabout at the corner of Simon Mazorodze and High Glen Road. This traffic circle caters to all vehicles going to Chitungwiza, Masvingo, South Africa and Chiredzi to mention but a few. With Drivers impatient to follow the rules of a traffic circle, the place is always overrun proving difficult for motorists to pass, with some spending hours in gridlock. The situation only improves when the Police intervene.

Mbudzi round about

The Mbudzi Roundabout Problem may finally be solved following the involvement of a local company proposing Presilam Private Limited International in partnership with Harare City Council and the Ministry of Transport, to build an interchange.iHarare has seen the proof of concept and once it is approved by the powers that be, It would be the first of its kind in the country.

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Source – iHarare

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