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Survey: More than half of women in Zimbabwe have faced s.e.xtortion

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Survey: More than half of women in Zimbabwe have faced s.e.xtortion. More than 57% of women surveyed by Transparency International Zimbabwe (TIZ) said they had been forced to offer s.e.xual favours in exchange for jobs, medical care and even when seeking placements at schools for their children. The report, seen by the Guardian, found women in the informal sector experienced s.e.xtortion as the main form of non-monetary bribes by various officials.

Zimbabwe has recorded an unprecedented number of women reporting being forced to exchange sex for employment or business favours.

About 45% of women said they had received requests for s.e.xual favours to access a service and 15% had used s.e.x to get employment. The report, entitled Gender and Corruption, found women were increasingly vulnerable to s.e.xual abuse amid the deteriorating Zimbabwean economy. “57.5% of these respondents noted that sexual favours are the form of non-monetary bribe they had experienced.

S.e.xtortion is thus a part of the bribery culture in Zimbabwe. Women who do not have money to pay for bribes are thus forced to use s.e.x as a form of payment. 15% used employment favours as a form of bribery,” reads the report. Women in business were also found to have faced s.e.xual harassment when seeking government tenders.

“At times you get asked for s.e.xual favours in return for tenders or business. What makes the situation difficult, especially for state contracts, is how women in business are perceived by men in control of these processes. When they see a woman, for most of them s.e.x is the first thing that comes to their mind. Hence women are s.e.xualised and seen as s.e.x-preneurs rather than entrepreneurs,” TIZ reports.

Studies carried out by TIZ in 2019 showed women are vulnerable to sexual abuse when seeking land for residential, business or agricultural use.

Sextortion is a global phenomenon that causes serious harm, robbing women of dignity and opportunity, and undermining confidence in public institutions, according to rights groups. Zimbabwe ranks 158 out of 180 countries included in the Transparency International corruption perceptions index.

“S.e.x is a currency in many corrupt deals in Zimbabwe. S.e.xual harassment is institutionalised, and women have been suffering for a long time. There is need to actively deal with all forms of s.e.xual harassment in all sectors,” says the report.

The study shows women are being coerced into corruption, while many fear to report s.e.xtortionists as some police are thought to be part of the corruption chain.

“For some respondents, it was fear of reprisal that stopped them from reporting whilst others indicated that there was no reward for reporting corruption. Regarding s.e.xtortion, respondents cited the justice system as too masculine, hence they opted not to report.

“All the key informants who took part in the research indicated that Zimbabwe lacks a robust corruption reporting system. They also highlighted the need for a system to promote and protect whistleblowers,” TIZ reported. “Even the police officers require some form of payment to help you. They may ask for transport or fuel to enable them to investigate. In the end they also get bribed by the perpetrators.”

Globally, the poor suffer most from extortion, paying the highest percentage of their income in bribes, according to the World Bank. Zimbabwe loses close to $2bn (£1.5bn) to corruption annually.

Although Zimbabwe has made progress in advancing gender equality through the establishment of various institutional, legal and policy frameworks, the country still ranks low on the UN gender inequality index. S.e.xual extortion is rarely recognised as a form of corruption, yet gender activists say it reduces women’s access to land and markets and reinforces social and economic marginalisation.

Lack of political will to deal with corruption has frustrated the efforts of the Zimbabwe anti-corruption commission, which has the mandate to investigate corruption cases in the country.

Source – The Guardian

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