Home Scandals Drama in CBD as cheating married woman exposed to bedding sister’s hubby

Drama in CBD as cheating married woman exposed to bedding sister’s hubby

Fight for a man

Drama in CBD as cheating married woman exposed to bedding sister’s hubby. Shenanigans exposed after the two workmates clash over the boss. There was maximum drama over the weekend after two women who work at a boutique in Harare’s Central Business District were engaged in conflict after they both discovered that they were both romantically involved with the same person, their philandering boss.

A married woman has affair with U.K based sister’s philandering husband who is also her boss. Cheating married woman’s workmate discovers the romantic affair and is bribed to keep the alleged affair a secret. Devious workmate seduces her boss and starts having an affair with him as well.

The bitter wrangle sent skeletons flying out the closet, exposing the alleged married philanderer of bedding his sister-in-law who is also his employee.

iHarare has established from H-Metro that, Rudo Makoni was exposed of allegedly bedding her sister’s husband Joseph Toendepi by her jealous workmate, only identified as Lucy. Shockingly, Lucy was also allegedly bedding Toendepi.

When the publication visited the boutique located at Karigamombe Building, Lucy revealed that the fracas erupted after Makoni saw a photograph of Toendepi at her house, which led her to discover that the two were also romantically involved.

Zvamanzwa mukwasha ndizvo zvekuti tiri kunetserana boss vedu nekuti tese tinodanana navo. This is Toendepi’s photograph sleeping in, my bed, in my room, and that is the cause of our differences. Makoni bought a phone for me after I discovered that she was bedding her sister’s husband and I kept it a secret.

Upon our boss’ return into the country, I approached him over the issue and we ended up in an affair, having quality time at my house. Makoni discovered that I was in love with the boss and became jealous, but she is married.


Toendepi denied bedding Makoni and could not confirm nor deny sleeping with Lucy after H-Metro sent him a photograph presumably of him resting on Lucy’s bed. Allegations that I bedded Makoni are false and unfounded.

As for Lucy, I am aware of alleged schemes to plant prostitutes in service to generate news and some work is underway to establish historic connections between H-Metro with the said subject,

Makoni sensationally denied the allegations claiming that she had confessed about the affair to Lucy as a joke. Surprisingly, Makoni confirmed buying Lucy a mobile phone but claimed that she had bought it for her as a gift. It is true that I confessed to her that I was bedding my sister’s husband, but it was a joke I was sharing with her.

Source – iHarare

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