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Nelson Chamisa: We are going to celebrate Tsvangirai in style

Tsvangirai Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa: We are going to celebrate Tsvangirai in style. Morgan Richard Tsvangirai died on 14 February 2018 at a private South African hospital where he was receiving treatment for colon cancer. MDC President Nelson Chamisa said the day is very significant for the party.

The MDC has lined up several provincial activities to commemorate the death of its founding leader, Morgan Tsvangirai this Friday.

“We will celebrate him in style. We have lined up a number of activities to celebrate his (Tsvangirai) life. His love for humanity is what caused him to dedicate his whole adulthood to the struggle,” Chamisa told journalists in Bulawayo this week.

He said his predecessor sacrificed a lot for the main opposition party and deserved to be remembered. The main event is expected to be held in Masvingo Town where Chamisa will deliver a lecture on Tsvangirai’s life before hundreds of party supporters and invited guests.

“The late Morgan Richard Tsvangirai created an alternative movement which has grown big. So as we reflect on his painful journey that he has travelled, our duty is to make the party bigger and stronger.

Morgan Tsvangirai

“We want also to revamp our institutional structures as well as build a fabric of new values, a fabric of new ethos and a fabric of a new belief systems,” said Chamisa.

Tsvangirai was the inaugural president of the united MDC following its formation in 1999.  He was also a former trade unionist where he was the firebrand Secretary General of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU).

Source – Bulawayo24 News

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