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Suspended Tsenengamu trashes Chinamasa


Suspended Tsenengamu trashes Chinamasa. Tsenengamu said he had neither apologised nor intends to do so, in the wake of State-owned media reports that he has apologized for naming and shaming corrupt businessmen.

Suspended Zanu-PF Youth League political commissar Godfrey Tsenengamu says he is not apologetic about his anti-corruption stance denying Patrick Chinamasa’s statement that he has apologised to the party for his actions.

This follows revelations by Zanu-PF acting Secretary for Administration Patrick Chinamasa, who said Tsenengamu and his colleague Lewis Matutu have demonstrated maturity and loyalty to the party, during the time they have been reduced to ordinary card-carrying members.

The Zanu-PF Politburo censored the two a fortnight ago after they named and shamed three businessmen they said were wreaking havoc in the economy by using their links to top party and Government officials to carry out corrupt activities, plundering and looting of State resources.

Chinamasa issued a statement yesterday saying the two have agreed to undergo ideological training at the ruling party linked Herbert Chitepo School of Ideology, despite Tsenengamu having insisted that he was not going for any training.

“After serving out their suspensions, the comrades will be welcome to contest for any positions in the party,” Chinamasa said. “The commendable development demonstrates that the disciplinary process is intended to build, not to fracture the party.

“It is pleasing to note that the two have been exemplary in accepting disciplinary measures that will, at the end of the day, make them stronger party cadres.”


But Tsenengamu, in a charged response on Twitter, accused Chinamasa of lying. “Please don’t misinform the public. I have not apologised to anyone and l am not going to. I have not wronged the party in any way.

“I am not apologetic about fighting corruption. I will not trade off my conscience for neither a position nor 30 pieces of silver.” Tsenengamu also insisted that he was not going to the compulsory lessons on party ideology at the Chitepo College, saying he is more ideologically sound than most Zanu-PF leaders.

Source – Bulwayo24 News

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