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Busiswa Gqulu encourages Women to leave @busive men


Musician Busiswa Gqulu has slammed men who try to explain away abuse, encouraging women to leave abusive men. The star took to social media at the weekend to send a message to those in abusive relationships.

Busiswa Gqulu

She said: “I’m not sure who needs to hear this but know this: Many men will defend abusers to delusional ends. See his side of the story. Try very hard to understand what you did to make him do it. These men are doing the same behind closed doors.”

“From the first slap, leave, sis. Joy awaits you,” she added.

She said too often women were called bitter and crazy when they tried to speak out.

“How many times do we hear them say ‘uyahlanya’ … ‘she’s bitter’ … kanti. I’m wary of guys who speak like this about their exes,” she wrote.

Busiswa applauded those who had left abusive relationships, saying such men would never change.

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