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Battle for ZANU PF youth league top post heats up

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Battle for ZANU PF youth league top post heats up. The youth league leaders were accused of pointing fingers at businessmen Kuda Tagwirei, Tafadzwa Musarara among others whom they accused of creating cartels that are bleeding the country through corruption.

Following a politburo decision to remove youth league leaders Godfrey Tsenengamu, Lewis Matutu and Pupurai Togarepi from their positions, jostling for the youth league top post have intensified. Tsenengamu was removed from being Commissar, while Matutu and Togarepi were axed from their Deputy Secretary and Secretary positions respectively in the ruling party’s politburo.

The youth league members held a series of press conferences where they accused the powerful businessmen believed to be the financial muscle behind the ruling party. Their actions were ruled out of order prompting the politburo to send them packing.

The controversial decision has now aroused interest in the posts that they left, with Tinoda Machakaire, Energy Mutodi and Justice Mayor Wadyajena said to be eying the youth league top post. Party youths from different provinces have confirmed that there is serious lobbying for Togarepi‘s vacant post and that a lot was happening under the shadows of the night.

“Recently, Machakaire held a meeting in his Constituency where he promised youth league members heaven on earth if they succeeded to lobby for him”, said a youth league member who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Reports suggest that Machakaire was using his financial muscle to buy favours from youth league members so they campaign for him to take over from Togarepi, deputized by Tendai Chirau while Kevy Mutsvairo is positioning himself for Commissar of the youth league. Machakaire is also closely related to the business magnet Kuda Tagwirei who wields an incredible influence in the party.

However, some youth league members are said to be vying for Mayor Wadyajena who heads a Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Agriculture, which has summoned Tafadzwa Musarara to Parliament for grilling over a mealie-meal deal that was awarded to him last year, with accusations that US$23 million was stolen from government coffers.


Others believe Infomation Deputy Minister Energy Mutodi (41) will bring sophistication to the youth league and is likely to get support from Masvingo, Mashonaland East, Mashonaland West, and Manicaland Provinces without intense lobbying. These provinces initially pledged their support to the youthful politician earlier in 2019 when the axe was said to be hovering over Togarepi.

Terrence Mukupe remains an alternative although his social media war with popular Malawian preacher Shepherd Bushiri has spoiled his chances. Mukupe accuses the miracle worker of bedding and impregnating his wife and has supported these accusations by publishing alleged whatsapp chats between the man of God and his wife, proving intimacy.

Mukupe’s public spat with Bushiri has divided opinion among ZANU PF members over his psychological fitness to head the youth league.

Source – Bulawayo24 News

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