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Botswana man drowns in a river as friends take pictures – Video

Botswana man drowns in a river as friends take pictures – Video. In a heartbreaking undated video that has gone viral on social media, a dreadlocked man was filmed whilst he was drowning. The man who was fondly called Pikcha by his friends drowned to death in Okavango river in Botswana, iHarare has established.

In the 2 minute video, the deceased is seen diving into the river as his companions follow suit. Barely a minute after the braving the waters, one of the now deceased’s companions notices that his friend is fast losing grip and struggles to desperately call for help.

Man drowns

According to the information which has been gathered by iHarare from the deceased’s timeline, it was not the first time the adventurous man has been testing the deep waters as his Facebook timeline is awash with pictures whilst he was braving the waters.

Man drowningThis publication has also observed that his close friends were warning him of the dangers of swimming in the notorious Okavango River but he turned a deaf ear to his and he was turning a blind eye.

Drowning manIn one of the comments,his friend who goes by the name Sinbad Mohuhutso warns the deceased ” Chigijani and the lion o ta tsewa ke kwena” loosely translated from Setswana as ‘My friend be careful you might be eaten alive by a crocodile.

Man drowns Botswana

After getting the first warning he replies,’kwena ke mantsiane fela ngwanaka,’ which loosely translates to –A crocodile to me is just nothing, my son.

Drowning man Bostwana


Source – iHarare

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